The Unique Partner

Metadosis was founded in 2012 in Thessaloniki, Greece, with the aim of offering leading technological solutions in the telecommunications sector. As an Internet Service Provider, the company has established itself for the high quality of services and the immediate technical support it offers. > With an emphasis on innovation and reliability, Metadosis has developed a proprietary network, offering uninterrupted Internet service to businesses and individuals, covering 90% of the prefecture of Thessaloniki.

The company operates in the following sectors:

Fiber Internet Services

Metadosis offers Fiber Internet services, using fiber optic technology, providing a wide range of services, with fast speeds of up to 1 Gbps.

Wireless Internet Services

Addressing to non-urban areas, Metadosis provides reliable wireless Internet solutions where the fibre optic network has not been deployed. These services are ideal for users looking for flexibility and reliable internet access.

Professional Internet Services – SLA

For businesses looking for guaranteed service, combining the benefits of Fiber Internet and wireless Internet, professional SLA (Service Level Agreement) contracts are provided, ensuring a top level of availability and reliability.

Business Network Support Services – ICT

The company provides business support services (ICT), undertaking the construction, maintenance and management of networks. In addition, specialized network security-oriented engineering services, WiFi coverage solutions, VPN and PtP interface configuration are provided.

VoIP telephony services

Metadosis VoIP telephony services provide efficient and cost-effective communication, with an emphasis on quality and reliability of voice communication for businesses and individuals.

Internet Provider Selection Guidelines


Choosing the right Internet service provider is critical for both the operation of businesses and the daily lives of individuals and must be based on the quality, reliability, technical support and overall value of the services offered. When evaluating ISPs, the below factors should be taken into account:

  • Reliability: Choose a provider that is known for providing reliable Internet with minimal downtime.
  • Speed of service: Evaluate your needs in terms of download/upload speeds to ensure you get the best service for you.
  • Technical Support: Take into account the provider's customer support and any SLA services offered for businesses.
  • Cost: Compare pricing schemes to find a balance between cost and value for money.
  • Installation Process: Simple and quick installations are critical, especially for private users.

Why choose Metadosis


At Metadosis we stand out for reliability, technological innovation and excellent customer service. We provide personalised guidance and advice on choosing the right services to meet the needs of each client. The company has highly trained staff and a proprietary network that guarantees uninterrupted service, making it one of the most reliable options in the market.

Metadosis Timeline

Company Establishment


Development of Wireless Internet Network Infrastructure


Launch of Wireless Internet Service (WISP)


Collaboration with Cogent Co (TIER-1)


Registering as a member in RIPE NCC


Collaboration with GR-IX Athens


Collaboration with Telecom Italia (TIER-1)


Coverage of Thessaloniki Prefecture at a rate of > 90%


Collaboration with GR-IX Thessaloniki


Launching Fiber to the Home (FTTH) service


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Private sector

Public sector