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Metadosis ICT services focus on comprehensive business support, providing leading solutions in IT and network security. With a dynamic model that adapts to your needs, we guarantee the security and flexibility needed to remain competitive in the digital age.

Drawing on our many years of experience, we undertake to design and implement the processes required for the proper interconnection of network equipment, aiming for ease of management, security, reliability, and scalability.

High-quality services are provided for reliable and secure network infrastructures, with the aim of fully satisfying all business requirements.

In more detail:

  • Internal network needs analysis
  • Design and installation of internal wired and wireless local area networks
  • Supply of necessary equipment
  • Design and implementation of structured wiring and electrical installations
  • Design and installation of Point to Point links (MetPtP)
  • WiFi coverage study and installation of the necessary equipment (MetWiFi)
  • Design and delivery of VPN connections (MetVPN)

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